NASP ranking shoot done and dusted

03 March 2021 | Sports

The second National Archery in the Schools Programme (NASP) ranking shoot for the year was hosted at Vegkop (Windhoek High School) last weekend.
This was a first for Windhoek and it was a great success.
After registration, arrows filled the butts as 122 archers from 12 schools and clubs competed against each other. They were split into three groups with 3.2m for each target. NASP archers completed two Bulls Eye Rounds and one 3D Animal Round. The AAG (Adult Archery Group) completed 1 of each.

Below, the winners of each section:
Junior Boys Bulls Eye Round: Wynand Olivier (Privaatskool Moria)
Junior Girls Bulls Eye Round: Annere Wamback (Berg-Op)
Senior Boys Bulls Eye Rounds: Jannie Booysen (Elnatan)
Senior Girls Bulls Eye Rounds: Alyssa van Zijl (Pro-Ed Akademie)
Junior Boys Animal Round: Wynand Olivier (Privaatskool Moria)
Junior Girls Animal Round: Annere Wamback (Berg-Op)
Senior Boys Animal Round: Burton Weakley (WHS)
Senior Girls Animal Round: Penny Campbell (Elnatan)
Junior Boys Overall: Wynand Olivier (Privaatskool Moria)
Junior Girls Overall: Annere Wamback (Berg-Op)
Senior Boys Overall: Burton Weakley (WHS)
Senior Girls Overall: Alyssa van Zijl (Pro-Ed Akademie)
Adult Archery Group Ladies: Anja van Watzdorf
AAG Men: Johan Raes

WHS thanks all participating schools, parents and archers as well as all Basic Archery Instructors who spent their Saturday in the sun making sure everyone is safe.
NASP also announced that due to Covid-19 there will not be a NASP Africa Tournament (NAT) in May; it will likely only happen in December. In light of this, the organisers have decided to have the Team Selection on 11 September, together with the NASP Namibia Nationals. The National and Development Teams will be announced thereafter.