Need ‘green’ support? Read on!

06 November 2019 | Environment

Nedbank Namibia launched the pioneering Go Green Fund in partnership with Namibia Nature Foundation in 2001 and has since blazed a trail for corporates to follow suit in protecting Namibia’s natural beauty for generations to come.
In endorsing the Go Green Fund on its 14th anniversary in 2015, the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, lauded the fund for the valuable contributions it has made to support the country’s biodiversity. “Along with the wide variety of successful projects, the longevity of the Go Green Fund is testament to the effective collaboration of the Namibia Nature Foundation and Nedbank in its implementation,” he said at the time. “This type of institutional collaboration is vitally important to assist in good biodiversity conservation outcomes, and sets a good example for others to follow.”
Following Nedbank’s handover of N$930 000 to the Namibia Nature Foundation in July this year to continue with the Go Green Fund’s objectives, the two organisations are now looking to support individuals and organisations with a specific focus on promoting and protecting fauna and flora and management of conservation areas.
The NNF’s Executive Director, Angus Middleton, said: “To keep supporting the foundations of our vibrant tourism sector, the Go Green Fund is looking at investing in projects aimed at fauna and flora and the management of conservation areas, which provide national returns not only in terms of biodiversity, but also direct economic returns through tourism and the sustainable use of natural resources.”

Focus areas
The specific funding focus areas for this round of proposals are the conservation of endangered species (fauna & flora); sustainable management of biodiversity in conservation areas; capacity building and leadership advancement; and maintenance and area support.
JG van Graan, Nedbank’s Chief Financial Officer and chairperson of the bank’s Social Investment Committee, said Nedbank Namibia has always aspired to be involved in the community and environment. “We appreciate that funding for environmental work is often limited, and funding from the private sector is therefore an absolute imperative to sustain national commitments towards environmental conservation and protection.”
Preference will given to funding environmental conservation projects that are strategic and catalytic; contribute towards sustainable development, poverty alleviation and human livelihoods; create opportunities for engaging different sectors of society and raising consumer awareness; leverage environmental commitments from stakeholders such as industry or government; build capacity; and educate environmental leaders for the future.
Projects are funded up to a maximum of 3 years and at a maximum of N$80 000 per year. Projects have an opportunity for extension being considered only once, and only then under exceptional conditions. In such instances, there needs to be clear demonstration of a viable sustainability plan.
There is a list of items the fund will usually NOT consider for projects. For this and more information, or to submit your proposal, contact Veripura Muukua at [email protected]