New wheels for traffic police

13 October 2021 | Police

Windhoek • [email protected]

The Namibian police received 20 of 25 new vehicles destined for use in enforcing traffic laws nationwide.
According to the executive director of home affairs, immigration, security and security, Etienne Maritz, the 11 Volkswagen Polo GTIs, six Toyota Corolla XRs and three Toyota Hilux single-cabin pickups will be used to combat road accidents.
Together with the outstanding five vehicles yet to be delivered, the value of the donation by the Road Fund Administration (RFA) amounts to N$11.37 million.
Along with this, five Trucam speed cameras, five Intoxilyzer breath testers and five Max X devices for alcohol tests, worth N$3.62 million, were also donated, bringing the total to N$15 million.
“I would like to warn the self-appointed Michael Schumachers not to exercise their love of speed on these police vehicles,” Maritz said. “In line with our ministry's position of no tolerance for corruption, any form of misuse of these vehicles and equipment will not be tolerated.”
He instructed police commanders to keep proper supervision and control over the use of the vehicles.
At the event, the RFA’s chief executive Ali Ipinge, said he was delighted to hand over the donation and at the same time sign the agreement on procedures for future purchases for road transport law enforcement.
“Our combined investment of over N$2.4 billion per year to the road sector continues to yield positive returns for the economy and for road users. While the core of our investment goes to maintenance and rehabilitation of the national road network, we remain committed to supporting traffic law enforcement nationwide,” he says.
In this, Nampol is an important strategic partner, says Ipinge. “When Nampol brought to our attention the condition of their fleet for traffic law enforcement, the RFA had to immediately redistribute resources to now be able to give the Namibian police N$15 million per year (from N$8 million per year).
Ipinge says in the past financial year there has been a decrease of 16% in terms of accidents, and 20% fewer life losses. “This investment increases Nampol's fleet for traffic law enforcement by 16% and ensures that there is one traffic control vehicle for every 46 km of tarred road in the country.
“The program will continue for the next few years, under the new procedural agreement signed here today. So, in the next financial year at least N$15 million will be allocated to Nampol again,” he said.
“For those who insist on driving like hooligans, your days are numbered. Soon the prosecution of speeding offenses will make it a very expensive exercise.”