Not only residents in CoW debt

11 February 2020 | Local News

Yolanda Nel Two weeks after announcing that residents have outstanding debts of close to N$1 billion, it transpired that this amount is not only owed by citizens.
Of the amount of N$935 million owed to the City, N$663 million is past due and owed over 30 days.
Mayor Fransina Kahungu appealed to especially residents to settle their municipal bills, not indicating that almost 19% of the outstanding debt comes from government, state-owned enterprises and businesses.
“I call upon all residents to settle their municipal bills, because without a financially sustainable city, provisions of much needed services will suffer, and the initiatives will not be implemented as fast as we want,” she said.
Residents owe the most, standing at close to N$250 million, of which almost half is in arrears. Those that have already been handed over for debt collection stand at N$247.4 million, of which only N$12.5 million is current.
Government owes almost N$80 million, of which N$30.4 million is in arrears, while state owned enterprises still owe N$32 million.
Businesses in Windhoek owe the city N$63.6 million. Other client groupings include pensioners who have outstanding debts of N$40.8 million, while the total outstanding amount for communal water points is N$15 million.
Debts on sundries and land sales debts are at N$206.7 million.
The City of Windhoek failed to answer questions on how many residents owe the outstanding amount and why the city takes so long to cut of resources, instead allowing residents and businesses to incur so much debt.