Now is the time to buy

15 October 2019 | Banking

Namibians can now buy shares in Standard Bank Namibia Holdings Limited following its successful application to list on the Namibia Stock Exchange (NSX).
According to the bank’s chief executive, Vetumbuavi Mungunda, the listing is evidence of the bank’s commitment to Namibia, its people and the economy. “We are excited to take on this journey and we commit to work hard to expand the scope of growth for the bank, its shareholders and for Namibia.”
According to Mungunda, the listing, once completed, will enable the bank to tap from domestic as well as international opportunities and increase loyalty and trust for the bank. “The listing also affords ordinary Namibians an opportunity to be shareholders in Standard Bank, enabling them to participate in the bank’s growth and share in its success.”
In this vein he called on Namibians to graduate from customers to co-owners of the bank.
Applications for shares opened on 7 October and close at 12:00 on 1 November 2019.
Once applications have closed, the next step is the official listing on the NSX, the date of which will be communicated in due course.
In the meantime, share acquisition application forms are available at all Standard Bank branches, agencies and on via