NSS chooses new board

26 September 2021 | Events

The Namibia Scientific Society’s (NSS) Annual General Meeting took place last Thursday (23 September).
According to Waltraut Fritzsche of the NSS, the hall was filled with members of the society, from supporting organisations and people from all walks of life.
“The evening offered presentations from organisations who had activities throughout the year, highlighting what they have done and been up to. These ranged from astronomy to borehole activities in Windhoek, which was a new phenomenon to many people in the audience.”
She added that some of the members that have served and contributed to the NSS’s well-being were also rewarded with honorary membership: They are Wolfgang Raith, Ilme Schneider and Gaby Moldzio.
New staff members Frieda Mukufa and Hannah Iitula were also introduced during the event.
“Apart from that, the members of the Society also had the privilege of voting for new board members, as the previous members’ term had lapsed. The new members are Theo Schoeman, Alfred Schleicher, Frank Wittneben and Prof. Michael Backes, Heike Uhrich, Bertchen Kohrs, Erika von Wietersheim, Michael Hasheela and Helke Mocke.