Only unoccupied structures to go

City cancels tender

15 April 2019 | Infrastructure

Yolanda Nel

The bid to remove illegal structures on municipal land only refers to unauthorised incomplete and unoccupied structures.

In an effort to clear the air, the City of Windhoek said in a press release that a tender advertised to removed illegal shacks does not target completed and occupied structures. “It is imperative to note that the land which is unprocedurally occupied tends to be more expensive to service, unlike land that is not occupied,” the statement from the office of the chief executive read.

No truth

There is no truth that a bulldozer will be used to demolish these structures, as was previously alleged. “As a responsible public entity, we will not engage in demolishing completed and occupied structures. As a practice, illegal structures that are not occupied or in the process of being erected are removed instantly, while those occupied requires an eviction order through the court for removal,” the statement explained.

Following the public's outcry has forced the City to reconsider the bid and it was cancelled.

Shack dwellers

Windhoek Express reported earlier that about half a million Namibians live in shacks. This figure grows every year, with more than 12 000 shacks being erected, adding 50 000 dwellers.

“At this rate more Namibian urban residents will live in shacks than in brick houses in the next seven years. Not only does this have social, economic and political risks, but it will affect the country as a whole and hinder development potential,” the article read.