Opposition unites

13 August 2021 | Local News

Four opposition parties leading the City of Windhoek (CoW) decided to put their political differences aside, by signing a coalition agreement to run the city for the next five years.
The signing of the long-awaited pact comes at a time when Windhoek has been engulfed by chaos and anarchy.
Pandemonium, with land being grabbed left, right and centre, has become a daily occurrence, leading to clashes between angry residents and police officers.
But amidst the chaos, what was an informal coalition between the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), Affirmative Repositioning (AR), National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) and Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) was formalised on Thursday.
For the parties, it has been a long eight months in power without a guiding document - a period dominated by battle of egos among City councillors.
“One thing that is clear amongst the progressive forces is that the material interests of the residents of the CoW reign more supreme than particular political parties or formations’ interests,” PDM leader McHenry Venaani said at the signing ceremony.
More so, conflict resolution – for political parties with different backgrounds and ideologies – is at the heart of their pact.
“At the time when conflict arises that is a cockpit problem, people fighting over personalities, we will always refer those leaders collectively to the material interests of the people,” Venaani said.
IPC’s Panduleni Itula could not agree more, but conceded that a daunting task lies ahead for the ‘progressive forces’. “If we leave everything outside and march together as a united force, we will be able to deliver services that our people need, restore their dignity in their living quarters and make sure that our people are provided with decent shelter,” Itula said.
On his part, NUDO secretary-general Joseph Kauandenge said: “Unfortunately as you might be aware, there has been a lot of back and forth negotiations, fine-tuning until we reached this final consensus in the interest of Windhoek and its residents, in the interest of providing services and basic commodities to our people.”
For Amupanda, the signing marks a beginning of a new chapter, and assured residents that the progressive forces are up to the task. – Nampa