Ozombouvapa dam dries up

15 October 2020 | Disasters

Livestock farmers using the Ozombouvapa dam in the Epukiro constituency in the Omaheke region are called upon to be cautious after the dam dried up.
The dam is the biggest earth dam at the settlement with a carrying capacity of 300 000 cubic metres, which previously regularly kept water throughout the year.
Speaking to Nampa at the dam this week, village councillor Kambuari Katjirua said livestock are at risk of getting stuck in the mud. “This is very dangerous. We have to collaborate and have to be at the dam every day to rescue the livestock,” Katjirua said.
He added that due to the severe drought in the country over the past five years, the dam was not keeping water for long, although it managed to provide the community with water until Monday.
According to the councillor, despite poor rains the current dry-up of the dam was largely caused by neighbouring villages’ cattle consuming water from the dam. “This is a communal setting; livestock move freely and there is no way one can control water in the dam as we have to help neighbours,” he said.
Katjirua said that the dam is helping neighbouring villages with water and many unknown cattle are assembling there. Thus, he called on farmers from Otjombundiro, Ezorongondo, Ouvanda, Otjihaenena and Okaruokape to come and identify and remove their livestock. “The village water point is about two kilometres from the dam and livestock are at risk of getting thirsty,” he said.
On his part, Ozombouvapa water point caretaker Job Ndjavera said that the dried-up dam will increase pressure on the water point.
“This will be a difficult time as many livestock will destroy the fence in search for water. We have to collaborate and prevent overcrowding of cattle at our water point,” Ndjavera said. – Nampa