Passport message is fake

03 October 2021 | Crime

Executive director in the Ministry of Home Affairs Ettienne Maritz, has warned members of the public not to respond to an SMS notification message telling people to collect their passport.
In a media statement issued on Saturday, Maritz said that the notification massage, sent by the number 44433, advising members of the public to collect their passports at the ministry’s offices, is fake and that people should not respond to it as it may be intended for scam activities.
He said that even though the ministry is in the process of introducing the SMS notification that will be utilised by the public, it has not yet been implemented. “Currently, the ministry is at the final stage to come up with the SMS notification for the passport services. Once finalised, the ministry will inform the public about the passport notification number. The public is therefore advised to be vigilant and report fake notifications to the ministry,” said Maritz. – Nampa