Potjie'ing for Orlindi

18 August 2019 | Social Issues

During Auas Valley Shopping Mall's recent Late Night shopping event, N$11 150 was raised towards the Orlindi orphanage.

The money will be used to buy groceries for the orphanage located in Windhoek's Donkerhoek area.

During the shopping event, a potjie cooking competition and a wine tasting were held, from which the donated funds were raised. Corporate teams that made the donation possible were Waltons, Agra Windhoek, FNB, Future Media, Hart­lief, Wordpress, SafariDen, Soup-A- Stars, The Namibian and Nouveau Wines.


The Orlindi orphanage was ­established in 1995 by Claudia Namises­ and currently houses between 28 and 35 disadvantaged girls and boys aged between 0 and 18 years. The orphanage aims to prepare the children for their future life, to procure them a place in a surrogate family and to help them find a way into normal life.