Promotions, appointments and farewells

01 September 2021 | Police

Florentina Ndumbu has been appointed as the new commander of NamPol's air wing directorate, having been promoted to the rank of commissioner effective as from today.
With this, Ndumbu becomes the first woman to oversee the directorate's day-today operations, replacing commissioner Flip Blaauw who retired after 41 years of policing service.
Ndumbu joined the police force in 2010 as commercial aeroplane pilot. In 2011, she underwent basic training after being qualified as commercial helicopter pilot and since then, was in charge of flight crew training. She has dedicated herself to professional and efficient airborne law enforcement service to the community in general and the NamPol in particular.
At the same time, two other women have also been promoted in the air wing division: Geogrette Mieze to the rank of deputy commissioner who now serves as head of aviation auxiliary service and aircrew training management; and Inspector Ndiwaana Lukas was has been promoted to the rank of chief Inspector and appointed as head of auxiliary service.
Finally, NamPol bids farewell to commissioner Flip Blaauw who has retired. NamPol expressed their gratitude for the significant role he played in the establishment of the Police Air Wing Directorate since 23 January 2009. Blaauw served with commitment and loyalty, and paved the way by mentoring and preparing staff who are qualified pilots, engineers and mechanics.