Quite moving around, City Police tells residents

16 April 2020 | Police

The Windhoek City Police set up roadblocks in Windhoek to enforce Covid-19 regulations curbing the free movement of members of the public as some are still moving around the city freely during the national lockdown.
Speaking to Nampa, City Police superintendent Maria Muyoba said roadblocks have been set up to minimise social contact while people are travelling in the city and to see to it that essential service providers have the necessary permits allowing them to attend duties.
“We realised that people are not staying home. Lockdown means staying at home. People do not understand the meaning of lockdown. If you are in essential service, you are allowed to move or if you are going to a doctor or seeking medical attention, you can move. Going to the bank and getting necessities from the supermarkets are also allowed, but people should rather move alone and not in numbers,” she said.
Muyoba added there are regulations that persons should not exercise in groups exceeding three people and when they exercise at a venue, there should always be social distance.
She urged essential service providers to carry permits that indicate that they are allowed to move whenever they are going on duty from their respective residences. The employers of essential service providers should make sure their employees have the necessary documents, Muyoba said.
“This is a serious pandemic and we must take it seriously. The better we adhere to regulations, the better chances we stand that the lockdown is lifted. At least we are still given the freedom to move with rules. Essential service workers found without permits can be sent home or charged as per the regulations,” she said.
Muyoba said public transport such as taxis are allowed to move around but the driver should only load three people excluding the driver at a time for social distancing and if a taxi is found with more than three passengers, necessary steps will be taken.
“We as law enforcement agents need to make sure that people moving around are allowed to do so. One of the reasons why the lockdown has been extended is because we are not adhering to the rules. It is of essence that we control people’s movement,” she said.
Falling to adhere to regulations can lead to a fine of N$2 000 or six months imprisonment. – Nampa