RCC employees sent home

05 March 2021 | Business

Over 60 employees of the Roads Contractor Company (RCC) were on Thursday sent home after being denied access to their rented offices, which is owned by Namibia Post and Telecommunications Holdings (NPTH).
RCC has been renting the building, which they previously owned, from NPTH for over a year after a Cabinet decision to have the building rescued from repossession by Bank Windhoek over debt.
RCC acting chief executive Seth Herunga said that they were denied access to the premises and at the time, were waiting for NPTH’s lawyers to address them on the matter. He alleged that security guards were acting on instructions of NPTH lawyers with no court order.
“We are really locked out and it literally looks like we are getting an eviction letter. There is nothing much I can say and there is nothing we can do, but the ideal thing to do now is to have the employees go home until we hear from the lawyers on the way forward,” he said.
By late yesterday, Herunga said that they had still not met with the lawyers and the only solution was to send employees home until further notice. “The matter is now between the two lawyers.”
Contacted for comment, NPTH chief executive Kristofine Itembu said that RCC owes NPTH N$6.1 million in rental arrears. She added that she cannot divulge further information on the matter as it is being handled by the NPTH legal team. – Nampa