Rural residents receive food parcels

27 October 2020 | Social Issues

The Namibia Red Cross in collaboration with the health ministry and with the assistance of NamibRE last week donated food parcels to 50 vulnerable households in Windhoek Rural to assist families in coping with the implications of Covid-19.
The distribution took place at settlements at Woeregemoed, Rooisand, Areb Naugas and Stink Water – all located at least 160 km from the capital.
On a number of occasions since 2008, the Namibia Red Cross has received donations from NamibRE to provide emergency assistance and disaster relief which reaffirms the corporate’s commitment to supporting the fight against poverty.
This year, NamibRE sponsored 50 food parcels, each consisting of 10kg of rice, sugar, wheat flour, maize meal, 3kg of macaroni, blankets, sanitizers, and washing powder among other items.
“The beneficiaries are families who are not receiving any grants, people who lost their jobs during Covid-19, vulnerable children and pensioners,” Namibia Red Cross secretary general Bernadette Bock said.
The Red Cross worked together with the health ministry to ensure that the donated items were successfully distributed to the deserving beneficiaries. The beneficiaries were also given Covid-19 education sessions in which they were given opportunities to raise other community concerns.
“We would like to thank NamibRE for being a consistent partner and taking the plight of vulnerable communities seriously. We are also appealing to the corporate sector and individuals to join hands with organisations such as the Namibia Red Cross to ensure that together, we can provide much more than meals and bring hope to people in need and thus guarantee community resilience,” Bock said.