Sean K part of African song

03 June 2020 | Art and Entertainment

Namibian artist Sean K is one of 11 African artists who just released a new song, thanking health workers for their commitment and dedication during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Dr Rasha Kelej, CEO of the Merck Foundation and One of 100 Most Influential Africans started her own idea of creating an inspiring pan-African song called “My White Army” which aims to thank doctors and nurses fighting on the front lines of the coronavirus battle, who are risking exposure to the virus so that everyone else can stay home and stay healthy.
Kelej created the song by singers from 11 African countries to support medical workers during Coronavirus battle.
She said in a statement that she is proud to have been able to coordinate, direct and produce this gesture of support across 11 African countries through the 11 talented singers in three languages: Arabic, English and French. “They have amazing voices and great diversity and are from countries from North, South, East and West Africa. It was very difficult especially during lockdown, but they were all super cooperative and we finally did it together.
“This song is to acknowledge the great sacrifice of our doctors, nurses and medical workers in Africa and across the world under the umbrella of my personal initiative, ‘Separated but connected’.
“Although I am not a professional director or producer, I have previous experience in production and presenting TV programs at Abu Dhabi TV. I also produced and directed many documentaries with the aim to break the stigma around infertile women and to empower women and girls in education in Africa and Asia. Most importantly, I have a vision of an inclusive Africa in one work and through one initiative that goes across the whole continent and the whole world,” Kelej said.
My White Army can be listened to at
Besides Sean K representing Namibia, the contributing singers are A Pass (Uganda), Cwesi (Ghana), Kambua (Kenya), Mahmoud Al Leithy (Egypt), Nikki (Nigeria), Rozzy (Sierra Leone), Salatiel (Cameroon), Sunita (The Gambia), Tom Close (Rwanda) and Wezi (Zambia).