Skills training for ­vulnerable moms

Promoting a better future for young mothers

23 June 2019 | Local News

Ester Kamati

Twenty-five young mothers from the Lidar Community Foundation are receiving skills training for the next six weeks, thanks to the support of the International Training and Education Centre for Health (I-Tech) through it DREAMS project and various other sponsors.

The programme, which is free, comprises ten modules which includes financial literacy, basic cooking and emotional intelligence.

The young mothers will receive Hospitality and Housing certificates from I-Tech after successfully completing their training. Since it is an ongoing programme, it aims to provide training to thousands of vulnerable young mothers in various communities.

Speaking at the launch, programme director of I-Tech's DREAMS initiative Josua Nghipangelwa, said that as HIV/Aids prevention programme they work with their partners to achieve an HIV-free and safe future for Namibia's adolescent girls and young women.

Success story

Chelene Mwala, one of the young mothers accommodated at the centre, said she has been there since 2017, the year in which she had her baby. She thanked everyone who has lent a helping hand in supporting the foundation to assist vulnerable young girls like her.

She was recently appointed as a global ambassador for issues affecting young mothers.

“You hear about baby dumping and then you hear about a young girl of 16 carrying her baby throughout nine months and then having it,” said Johanna Swartz, chairperson of the community development programme in the Katutura Central community office.

She says that these girls are brave and should not feel like they are alone in the struggle of raising a child, despite some of them not having assistance from their families or the fathers of their children.

Swartz encouraged the young mothers to listen attentively during the training programmes and take in the skills they are receiving, as they can always rely on it in the future.

At the same event, nappies and sanitary pads purchased by the Lidar Community Foundation board members were handed to the foundation's young mothers.