Spice for life

11 December 2020 | Business

Windhoek • [email protected]

With a passion for spice, this entrepreneur is setting the scene as the only Namibian company that can manufacture and distribute spices in the country.
For Andrew Matthias, owner of NamibRoos, it's all about Namibians doing it for themselves. "We are smart people and we are capable in doing things for ourselves. We don't have to rely on neighbouring countries to supply something we can manufacture here," he said.
The spice company boasts with 140 recipes and the aroma in the small factory already makes your mouth water.
"Someone gave me a chance; an opportunity to fulfil my dreams," he said. He wants to do the same for his two employees. "I want them to one day leave and start their own companies, knowing that they learnt something here and were taught a skill they didn't have before."
Production assistant Fillemon Tangeni is responsible for blending and also taught himself to create labels, while Kamati Saom-Tuli is responsible for the packaging and dispatch.
For Matthias it is all about giving back. "We have to empower our own people. Our employees are the backbone of Namibia's economy."
NamibRoos opened their doors last year, but Matthias has been working hard since 2018 to make sure their products are on the shelves in local retail stores.
At NamibRoos there is no mass production. “We start each order fresh, ensuring that a quality product hits the shelves,” he says. And while there are big mixers, they still prefer to blend by hand, weighing ingredients themselves and making sure that all the spices are mixed well.
After it is blended, the final product is packaged in different sizes and is dispatched to the client. “It’s also important to keep at the exact recipe. This will ensure that the first batch and the 100th batch all taste the same,” Matthias said.
So, if you find yourself in the mood for some curry or a hot kapana spice, make sure to look out for NamibRoos and support local.