Spring has sprung!

20 September 2021 | Opinion

Windhoek • Leo Kapembe

I have never seen people so looking forward or excited about seeing spring as Namibians, especially this year.
I kind of understand tho, this winter was nothing but a brick being thrown to us as a nation.
We might as well put this into the record book and call it winter of all winters or as Game of Thrones call it, “winter is here”.
Not only was it cold, it was cold and deadly. The corona pandemic took a toll on us, lots of families lost loved ones and livelihoods to the deadly flu.
We all prayed for spring as a nation. A little glimpse of hope, warmth and happiness.
Without a feather of doubt, spring comes
Many people dress up in their flowering outfits. It was nothing but a beautiful sight to see and brought a smile to our face and healed our hearts.
Happy Spring season Namibia!
*Leo Kapembe is an actor, comedian and entrepreneur