Street vendor and City Police at loggerheads

31 August 2020 | Police

The City Police opened a case of assault against a street vendor for allegedly attacking and assaulting a female officer in the capital on Friday.
In a media statement issued by City of Windhoek (CoW) spokesperson Harold Akwenye, docket CR65/08/2020 was opened against the vendor who refused to comply with City Police officers’ orders after being found trading at an undesignated spot in the CBD, and went on to attack and assault one of the officers.
He said the event which was recorded and a video been circulated on social media, led to the vendor being identified. It was discovered that she is a registered vendor who is allocated a trading space at the Shoprite taxi rank alongside Werner List Street. “As seen on the video, the vendor was intercepted by City Police officers while trading in the Ausspannplatz area, outside of her allocated trading spot. She was instructed by officers to cease operations and return to her trading area. However, she refused to comply with lawful instructions of officers,” Akwenye said.
He added that it was recorded that it is not the first time the same vendor is contravening the informal trading bylaw, and the City Police have issued numerous warnings to her for trading outside her designated spot and she continued to violate orders and directives given to her.
“Street vendors are allowed to sell their products. However, they should only do so at specific areas as designated by their permits. Street vending outside designated boundaries is not permitted, and more so now that we are doing everything in our power to contain and prevent the spread of Covid-19,” Akwenye said.