Support for SRT

03 November 2020 | Environment

The Bank of Namibia (BoN) joined the fight to preserve Namibian rhinos by supporting the Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) Namibia through a donation of N$480 000.
Speaking at the handover on Monday, BoN Deputy Governor Ebson Uanguta said this year BoN issued a commemorative banknote in celebration of Namibia’s 30th independence anniversary, adding that to draw attention to the plight of the black rhino found in Namibia and also one of the world’s most endangered species, the backside of the banknote depicts images of the black rhino.
Uanguta said considering the rate at which the poaching of rhinos has escalated since 2010, the donation is in support of the country’s campaign to end rhino poaching and demonstrates Namibia’s commitment to natural resources management.
Uanguta noted that wildlife tourism is an increasingly important and growing industry that benefits both communities in the form of community conservation and the national economy at large, but wildlife crime and trafficking has become a multi-billion-dollar illicit industry that is wiping out Africa’s iconic wildlife populations and it erodes social stability and cohesion.
Uanguta added that Namibia’s wildlife including the rhino, is part of the reason why the country attracts international tourists, also having other various economic values such as breeding and legal conservation hunting trophies.
At the same event, SRT chief executive Simson Uri-Khob said the donation will be used for bonuses of employees who walk on foot in tracing and taking count of how many rhinos Namibia has. “The reason for bonuses is to give some encouragement as much effort in this search is needed to finalise the stock count of rhinos in Namibia,” he said. – Nampa