Suspended Okh chief executive returns

19 June 2020 | Local News

The chief executive of the Okahandja municipality who was suspended in January, Martha Mutilifa, may return to her office this month.
Mutilifa, who continued to be paid in full during her six-month absence, confirmed earlier this week that she had been informed of her return. According to her, however, she is still waiting for an official confirmation.
Linus // Garoeb of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development in Okahandja, confirmed Mutilifa's reinstatement this week. "The exact date of her return is not yet known, but it will happen shortly.”
He said that Mutilifia has not yet been charged and “if this does not happen within a certain period of time, the person concerned may start work again”.
After mismanagement led to the dissolution of the Okahandja town council, // Garoeb was also entrusted with the investigation into Mutilifa's case. "The investigation into alleged misconduct is still ongoing," he said.
Mutilifa was suspended for allegedly misappropriating funds, corruption and violating land sales. Among others, the issue involves a 30,000m2 property that was sold for only N$90 000.