TALA Namibia launches online festival

23 March 2021 | Art and Entertainment

Mobile-based video streaming platform TALA Namibia is launching an online festival, delivered by a group of local producers and filmmakers in partnership with the Namibian Film Commission and Nuella TV.
Moreover, this is an opportunity for audio/visual creatives to submit content and stand a chance to win the grand cash prize of N$30 000!
This is the first Namibian online festival showcasing and celebrating the country’s diverse cultures, languages and creative talents as well as demonstrating Namibia’s enduring spirit of resilience.
The step follows after the creative industry realised there is a real need to create and develop a sustainable creative industry.
The result is TALA, which become a reality through working together to build an enabling environment for all Namibian talents.
TALA, as a mobile-based video streaming platform, provides centralized access to Namibian produced creative content in the broadest form and formats, submitted by Namibian creatives from diverse backgrounds and accessible to everyone.
The TALA Namibia Festival comes at an opportune time when creative practitioners have been struggling to exhibit and distribute their works due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
During the seven days of the festival from 12 to 19 May, audiences will get the opportunity to watch and vote for their favourite submissions. The categories to be voted are fiction, documentaries, children’s content, animation, music videos and live performance videos (including stand-up comedy, theatre performances, dance, TikTok and homemade content).
Joel Haikali of Joe Vision Production says: “It’s so inspiring to see the creative industry come together and create this festival. We are all desperate to get our work seen by the world. Just because of restrictions, doesn’t mean our creative minds stop. This will be the perfect outlet.”
Submission for the festival is free and runs until 4 April 2021. Go to http://talanamibia.com to submit your content.