Think pink!

11 September 2019 | Health

Breast and cervical cancers remain a serious concern in Namibia, with 2 474 cases of breast cancer that have been reported to the National Cancer Registry, managed by the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN), between 2013 and 2017.
In comparison to the previous 5-year period when only 1 379 cases were recorded, urgent intervention is needed.
While cervical cancer is preventable, detectable and treatable, this form of cancer plagues southern African countries. In Namibia, 1 565 women were diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer between 2013 and 2017. Around three times this number have been detected with high risk precancerous lesions (CIN II and CIN III), thus getting treatment before becoming another statistic.
The prevention of these cancers are some of the main focus areas of CAN’s National Cancer Outreach Programme that has been screening and referring patients for faster treatment since August 2015. However, it is a costly exercise. So, to fund CAN’s women’s health clinics, the organisation hosts a pink movement every year that builds up to a national Pink Day, commemorated on Friday, 25 October this year.
In support of the initiative, CAN is now selling various pink items, including caps from N$100 and pink t-shirts from N$150. Pink buffs, bracelets and other small items are also available. Funds raised are used to host the Women’s Health Clinics of CAN and support the Patient Financial Assistance Programme.
To get your hands on these goodies, contact Renay Coetzee at [email protected] or 061 23770 for bulk orders, while CAN’s Head Office, Erongo Centre and participating voluntary committees nationwide can assist with sales.

Pictured here are CAN’s Rolf Hansen, Lizelle van Schalkwyk, Estelle Viljoen and Don-Vito Boois. Photo contributed