Thousands of IDs ready for collection

30 July 2020 | Government

The ministry of home affairs is appealing to the public to collect their national documents from the ministry’s offices countrywide.
According to executive director Etienne Maritz, 87 016 Identification Document (ID) cards, 11 371 passports and 3 570 citizenship certificates are ready for collection at the head office, regional offices and sub-regional offices.
He said that not all these documents were printed recently, with some piling up over the years. He added that the ministry has now cleared the document backlog.
“When collecting, the original acknowledgment receipt must be presented, if it is available. For collection of passports, the original ID must be presented. This is important to prevent documents from being collected by people other than the rightful owners,” Maritz said.
He said that the ministry is also looking at the issue of people who have been in the country since independence but who still do not have national documents, as the matter has been raised at every platform when the ministry engages members of the public. “We are working hard to ensure the eradication, or at the bare minimum achieve reduction, of statelessness in Namibia.” – Nampa