Township women learn to sew

27 October 2021 | Social Issues

Twenty-eight Windhoek women recently successfully completed a three-month sewing course at the City of Windhoek (CoW).
The course was conducted at the UN Plaza Community Hall and the Onghuwo Ye Pongo Community Centre in Okuryangava, and training was provided by Loide Mhuku from the Goreangab area.
Mhuku was identified to lead the training and inspire the participants, because apart from being an excellent tailor, she is also a gender-based-violence survivor.
The CoW social welfare section helps to address the needs of vulnerable groups among residents and works to develop the potential of individuals, families and communities. The interventions aim to empower vulnerable people with various skills so that they become independent and self-reliant.
It is also part of the City’s impact mitigation strategy for gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS, and poverty.
According to Cecilia Maruta, the section head of social welfare at the CoW, the project has the potential to address poverty and unemployment among women. “However, a lack of resources, for example, sewing machines and electricity at homes, hamper the continued progress of the beneficiaries.”
She says that after the training course, the CoW follows up by doing assessments to identify the challenges experienced by the beneficiaries and tries to address them accordingly.
The sewing training course started in 2006 with funding from the USAID, who procured sewing machines and other start-up material. Since then, the CoW has been running the programme.
Participants are identified and registered through the various Windhoek constituency offices.