TPT campaign kicks off

08 April 2021 | Health

The health ministry (MoHSS) launched a countrywide TB Preventative Therapy Campaign (TPT) to increase TPT uptake in order to avoid preventable deaths amongst People Living with HIV (PLHIV).
The campaign “Where is my TPT?” is expected to run until September 2021.
Speaking at the launch, MoHSS deputy minister Esther Muinjangue said the campaign is aimed at empowering the general public and particularly PLHIV, on their right to demand for and receive at least one course of TPT, adding that the campaign is also aimed at educating health care workers on the importance of initiating all patients who meet the requirements for TPT.
“This [campaign] will dramatically help reduce death amongst PLHIV. It will also assist in getting closer to the targets of initiating 128 900 people on TPT, set for December 2022,” Muinjangue said.

On his part, Centre for Disease Control (CDC) acting country director Dr Robert Swayzer said not enough people in Namibia know that they are eligible to take TPT.
“We need to change that. You are eligible for TPT if you have a compromised immune system and are less able to fight the bacteria if you do get infected, or if you are in close contact with someone who has an active TB infection. Where is my TPT is a question that we want to start trending in Namibia both in the good old fashioned way of talking to each other and through all forms of media.”
Currently, Namibia uses two types of TPT courses depending on patient factors with one taken for six months and the other for 12 weeks. - Nampa