Training teachers

16 September 2021 | Education

Old Mutual signed a partnership agreement valued at N$270 000 with the Ministry of Education (MoE) for the training and development of 407 high school Mathematics teachers to qualify for the Certificate in Advanced Mathematics for Teachers (CAMT).
This is part of Old Mutual’s commitment to invest in initiatives that significantly improve the teaching and learning environment, focusing on improving the Grade 12 Maths results, with the introduction of the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level in 2021 for public schools, countrywide.
According to Mauriza Fredericks, Manager: Communications and Social Responsibility Old Mutual: “Teachers have the ability to shape leaders of the future in the best way for society to build positive and inspired future generations, and therefore design the society we experience today and tomorrow. Combine that with a generation that has the ability to effectively build mental discipline, logical reasoning and mental rigor, critical thinking, and more. These are all qualities that are nurtured by Mathematics – and these are the qualities in a future fit Namibia.”
Old Mutual’s investment is channelled towards the development of Mathematics content (by the University of Namibia); teaching material, subsidised internet connectivity (by MTN Namibia) and prize giving for the top performing teachers at the completion of their studies.
While expressing her gratitude, MoE deputy executive director Edda Bohn said that with the introduction of AS levels, it has been the ministry’s commitment to assist and support Mathematics teachers to upgrade their skills and content knowledge in order to teach the subject with confidence.
“Visualising the spiral curriculum, the content of AS level builds on the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) Ordinary evel in the same way as the former NSSC Higher level did. So, though senior secondary teachers went through their teacher training and acquired content knowledge at these levels as well as methodology of teaching, there is a significant up-scale of the learning content, of which many of them might not have been teaching before as part of Mathematics at Higher level, meaning that the Advanced Subsidiary level is benchmarked slightly above the content of the former higher level.”
She added that with the skilled human resource, namely the capacitated teachers, all learners have access to equitable inclusive quality education that qualifies them to pursue higher education.