Upset over levying of rates and taxes

03 September 2018 | Government

Yolanda Nel - A municipal notice has home owners in complexes confused over the implementation of the Sectional Titles Act of 2009.

“This not only gives us as home owners more work,but in the case of our complex, the municipality now has to send out 80 accounts to every home owner instead of one bill to the body corporate,” a home owner told Windhoek Express.

According to the City of Windhoek, “In order to separate levies and recover the rates and taxes of each unit in a sectional title scheme, the City needs a list of documents.” These documents include the certificate of real right, the certificate of registered sectional title and the apportioned land value as per the sectional plan.

According to the notice, these documents can be handed in by the body corporate or the owners themselves. “Our body corporate already informed us that the onus lies on us to make sure the documents are handed in,” the home owner said.

Failure to provide the required information by the due date, will result in levying the value of the land portion of the units equally amongst each unit. Furthermore, the City warned that no reversals will be made or be allowed after implementation, if the requested forms are not submitted by the 30 September deadline.

When questioned if he thought this was a ploy by the CoW to generate more income, the home owner said that they way he understands it, the current costing structure would not change. “We really should not pay more than what we are currently paying, we will likely just have two accounts to pay - one directly to CoW and the other to the body corporate.”

He added that to him, this doesn’t make sense. “It all just seems like a lot of admin.”

Upon enquiry, a local conveyancer said they suspect the municipality would like to create a new valuation roll.

Home owners in complexes and body corporates have until 30 September to submit their documents.