Valuable features to add to your home

22 September 2021 | Life Style

Each buyer will have unique preferences, but there are some features that tend to be more popular than others. Knowing what these features are can help sellers add immense value onto their homes.
“There are multiple factors that contribute towards a home’s resale value,” says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. “These include the location of the home, the overall condition of the home, local and national market trends, as well as the unique features of the home that increase the appeal of the property. By investing in the features that have the broadest buyer appeal, homeowners stand to increase the potential resale value of their home greatly.”
In an effort to find out what buyers really want in their dream home, RE/MAX of Southern Africa ran a poll on their Instagram page. Over 110 people voted in the poll after 24 hours of the story being posted. The results revealed that 87% of respondents preferred a house over an apartment, 90% of respondents preferred neutral colours over bright colours, 72% chose having a pool over having a hot tub, 66% chose a shower over a bathtub, 69% would prefer having a patio over having a balcony, and 68% preferred having a fireplace rather than having heated floors.

“These results show that there tends to be more demand for certain features over others. Sellers can use this information when they are preparing their home for sale. For example, if a seller is doing a bathroom renovation, adding or upgrading the shower might be a worthwhile investment. If there is no room to add a stand-alone shower, then adding a shower over the bath might help increase the value of the home,” Goslett explains.
Similarly, Goslett highlights that most respondents preferred neutral colours over bright colours. “When preparing the home for sale, sellers should repaint the walls in neutral shades to broaden the overall appeal of the home among potential buyers. If deciding between whether to invest in a pool or a hot tub, then consider the pool for the broadest appeal. The same would apply when deciding between a fireplace or installing heated floors,” Goslett suggests.
While certain features do tend to have broader appeal than others, Goslett also warns that each suburb will have its own unique trends and features that buyers are looking for. “Local real estate advisors are best equipped to inform sellers what features will add the most value to the home. As area experts, real estate professionals know what buyers are looking for in the homes within that area. They can therefore provide the most reliable advice to sellers who are preparing their home for sale. Those who are hoping to upgrade to sell should arrange a consultation with their nearest RE/MAX agent to source some free advice,” Goslett concludes.