Vandals to be brought to book

20 November 2019 | Infrastructure

Vandalism of traffic signs in Windhoek is on the increase, placing drivers and pedestrians in danger, the City Police said.
Many traffic signs have either been broken or spray-painted, and this contributes to motor vehicle accidents, head of traffic law enforcement at the City Police, Senior Superintendent Adam Eiseb said. “We have noted damage to many traffic signs within the city and it is a great concern. We will conduct operations to see to it that we get the people who are responsible for such damage to book.”
Eiseb stressed that the signs play an important role in guiding drivers. “If a stop sign is removed the driver of a vehicle can easily just drive on, thinking that he or she does not have to stop. This can result in an accident. Pedestrians’ lives are also in danger because of removed or vandalised signs,” he said.
Eiseb added that one of the problems picked up by traffic officers are young children who swing on road signs, resulting in the poles breaking.
He said no one has been charged for damaging traffic signs yet. “There are laws in place that can be used to charge a person if they are found damaging the signs. I trust that once a person is charged the rest of the culprits will see that we are very serious about bringing people to book for vandalism.” – Nampa