Ways to reconnect with your dad this Father's day

19 June 2020 | Local News

Lockdown presents a unique opportunity to show our Fathers how much we care about them this Father’s Day. Instead of buying the usual socks and a tie, sons and daughter can give their fathers the gift of time this holiday. Take some time to reconnect with your dad by tackling a DIY project together, ask him to teach you valuable life skills or simply spend some quality time together and create long-lasting memories.

Below, RE/MAX of Southern Africa suggests a few simple ways to reconnect with dad from the comfort of your own home this Father’s Day.

For those who live apart
For those who aren’t able to physically be with their dad because of the national lockdown, you can set up a virtual party on the social media platform of your choice. Although you won’t be able to do activities together, you can still spend time connecting and sharing your favourite memories with your dad. As a fun twist, have everyone joining the virtual party dress up in their best dad-inspired outfit.

Alternatively, make your dad feel special on the call by asking him for his “dadvice”, backed by years of experience and knowledge that has been passed on from generation to generation. Ask him to share the life lessons he was taught growing up. This might be the perfect time to learn how to fix a leaking toilet or learn how to hang a shelf. Not only will this allow your dad to reminisce, but he’ll feel appreciated and, as a bonus, you’ll learn a new skill.

The infamous dad joke has either left you laughing until you cry or shocked by its dryness. Use your exposure to dad jokes to your advantage and challenge him to a joke battle. This is a great way to have a good laugh with your dad and see who can come up with the funniest joke – winner will be crowned the Ultimate Dad Jokester.

For those who share a home
When a light you’ve never seen starts flashing in your car or your fridge starts making a funny sound, who are you going to call? Most likely your dad (a.k.a. your go-to handyman). If your dad is quick with his toolbox, tackling a DIY project might be right up his alley. You could build a coat rack that can be hung up in the entrance hall or be a bit more daring and try building a coffee table or armchair from scratch. Alternatively, you could take up a long-term project that only you and your dad work on, such as renovating an entire room or creating a ‘man cave’ in his garage or garden shed.

For the dads with younger children
If your dad enjoys being active and has a competitive streak, set up a special Father’s Day Olympics just for him. You and your dad can compete in fun games together such as three-legged races or a friendly arm-wrestling match. You could even go the extra mile and set up an indoor golf course. Don’t forget to keep score and have a ceremony for the winner. As an extra motivator, set the stakes high and make the loser do the dishes for a week. Hopefully, Father’s Day Olympics can become a tradition to be carried on for years to come.

No matter how you choose to spend Father’s Day, making meaningful memories with your dad ought to be a year-round activity. Any good father loves being a part of his children’s milestones. The next time you make a big decision in your life, like when you’ve decided to start searching for your next home for example, let your dad tag along and ask him for his advice. With his experience, it’s likely that he’ll know more than you do and can help you avoid making mistakes.