WCCR hands over N$6 million preference shares toGRN

02 December 2019 | Business

The Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino (WCCR) handed over N$6 million in preference shares to its shareholder – the government, in particular the ministries of public enterprise and environment and tourism.
At the event, chairman Sven Thieme said that he was pleased with the WCCR’s performance and that they could again give back to the shareholder. “The WCCR has more than N$50 million in cash resources and is thus in a healthy financial position. We are grateful for the fantastic co-operation we have received from government since 2004 and firmly believe that the impossible is possible when everyone works together.”
Honourable Bernadette Jagger, deputy minister of environment and tourism, applauded the WCCR, saying it is rare that a company steps up their game like the WCCR has done. “We appreciate and commend the WCCR and the positive impact they have made. Keep up the good work and continue to work hard.”
Public enterprises minister Leon Jooste said that the WCCR was well managed and a world-class asset, with a world-class board and management, which appointed world class staff. “I would like to add that this is probably the best run public enterprise in Namibia. All credit goes to them for being a quality asset to their shareholder.”