Youth the driving seat of economy

04 February 2021 | Opinion

Windhoek • Prateek Khare

The last year was definitely a setback for almost all industries and people from all walks of life who suffered through the crisis – whether it was a small school-going child who has been waiting to see his friends and teachers and to get out of the house which had now become almost like a “cage”, or a working class man employed at a big company, whose HR told them about “retrenchments”, which to his family is synonymous with destruction.
One month into 2021 and we all know that the wounds caused by the pandemic are going to take time to heal. With the record-breaking rains around the country and dams like the newly built Neckartal filled to the brim, some people from the agricultural sector were able to give a sigh of relief. But only time will tell if this is a kick-start for the Namibian economy or not.
All these situations have taken a toll on the mental health of the citizens and its time we realise that the only way forward is by going back to basics.
The situation at hand makes it evident that we need to look into strengthening the core on which our society stands, namely food, shelter and education.
Now, while some might argue that it is the era of technological advancements, I believe from my experience as a Computer Science Engineer, it is safe to say that technology is a catalyst and an absolute need of the hour. Yet, it can never replace core building blocks like shelter, food and education.
It is high time that we restructure our lifestyles and focus on and invest in basic necessities like education in order to impact the lives of our dear ones and society, and join forces towards an education and technology driven revolution, which is being termed “Industry 4.0”.
I believe that this generation of Namibians is one of the most privileged to see the world in 2020 and also to witness the strength of the nation as they gained one of the youngest Deputy Ministers of all time, they have the support of their parents who understand their choices, and ways to communicate and make an impact on their peers. Hence they need to work on their ambitions, focus on education and bring about the change they want to see.
The stage is theirs, starting right now!
* Prateek Khare is an international speaker who has addressed 30 000+ youth across the world on topics such as Online and E-marketing, Business Coaching and Higher Education. He is the Head of Marketing and Corporate Relations for Edudite Consultancy, a firm based out of India with offices in multiple countries including Namibia.