A night of crime fighting

Barry De Klerk
Barry de Klerk – The Windhoek City Police says they struggle with various crimes on a daily basis, but loitering and noise pollution are on the rise.

Windhoek Express joined the team from the City Police, Camp David and Copps 94.1 last weekend to look at what happens at the scene of the crime. The radio programme covers a variety of crimes that takes place in the capital on Friday’s from 20:00 to 24:00.

Last Friday was a quiet night with no major crimes reported during the early evening.

The night began with the team patrolling the city to make sure all areas are safe and to alert the residents that the police are ready for action.

The first call was of power interruptions in the Dorado Valley, Windhoek West and Windhoek North areas. Patrolling the area led to a night club where a fight had broken out after the power outage. The City Police were quick to resolve the fight but had to make an arrest after one of those involved overstepped a line. The man was later set free after no case was opened.

Next the police moved to some of the western suburbs where complaints of loitering and noise pollution were received. People had been drinking and partying in a public area and police had to escort them away.

During the course of the evening, a few people were fined for traffic violations and a motor vehicle licence was suspended, after someone drove a vehicle with a broken windscreen.

The team next moved to an area where people had been partying next to the street and made a fire about half a meter from the road to cook food. They agreed to quiet down and move the fire inside their yard after the police intervened.

The night ended with a visit to a well-known pub and club where police had to move people from the parking area to inside the building.

Members of the City Police said they mostly deal with issues like this over weekends and at months’ end. The cases are usually not major and can be resolved quickly. They are just looking out for everyone’s safety.