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15 September 2020 | Opinion

Windhoek • Jurgen Isaacs

We sit behind our computer, tablets and other devices all day. Creating documents, doing projects, sending out quotes and all matter of other things that are part and parcel of our working and everyday lives.
Computers are essential and the data that is produced is invaluable and needs to be protected and stored.
If you were to ask most people, they will say their documents are stored on a computer, perhaps on a hard drive. Some may even know it’s stored in a Cloud.
But do you know where the Cloud is? Or where Google, DropBox or Microsoft stores your data?
Well, it’s definitely not in Namibia.
That is the issue with a Cloud. It sounds intangible and making it seem like something you have no control over, and that it may disappear like smoke.
This won’t happen, but wouldn’t it feel better if you know for sure that your data is stored and backed-up in Namibia?
It can be, and you or your organisation can host your own data and be masters of your own data storage. It’s your data, so why shouldn’t you be the one who is master over it?

Simple solution
The solution is simple and offers Namibians a way to take control of their data and of their information, which is the most valuable resource that an organisation has in this day and age. In fact, keeping and storing your data as well as that of your customers is something that in most parts of the world is not just expected but legislated by law through acts like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
You not only have to back-up your data and store it securely, you need to know it’s backed up safely and recoverable, even if there’s a power failure, power surge or theft of your equipment. You need to know that your data and that of your clients can’t be tampered with once it has been backed-up. This is in case your organisation needs to be audited or if requested by the courts.
It is vital that this is done properly, so Cloud storage and hosting solutions for your data and your software are the answer.
Doing so locally and being in charge of it yourself or through a local specialist company, gives greater peace of mind than just sending your data into cyberspace and hoping it’s in good hands overseas. When it comes to selecting a Cloud-based solution, more often than not we think about where our data will be stored, but actually what's important is who will have access to our data, and will it be available to us whenever we need it?
Next time when you are offered a solution that sits in the Cloud, think about the more important factors, i.e. security and availability. You don’t need to go overseas for your technology solution; you can be in charge of the solutions that you need to store, manage and secure your data in the manner that you want and that adheres to international laws and regulations.
The data is still available anywhere and anytime through any enabled devices and is totally secure.
Cloud-based and hosting solutions are almost without exception part of every country’s overall development in terms of public service infrastructure, economic outlook and investment environment. There’s no need to be cautious or doubtful regarding Cloud technology; the tech is proven. We need to adopt and embrace strategies that enable us to utilize Namibian Cloud computing and truly become owners of our own data and intellectual property right here in Namibia.
*Jurgen Isaacs represents Technology Warehouse.

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