Create your ultimate home theatre

06 August 2020 | Life Style

Lockdown has caused the re-emergence of drive-in cinemas and increased the demand for at-home theatres.
According to Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, home theatres can be a valuable addition to a property, especially within the luxury housing band (over N$3 million).
“Even after we emerge from lockdown, a home theatre will always be an appealing feature to buyers. Homeowners who want to undertake these renovations should consult with a real estate professional who will be able to confirm how much value a home theatre could potentially add to the asking price,” Goslett says.
RE/MAX of Southern Africa provides the following tips for those who are hoping to create the ultimate home theatre:

1) Choose a suitable surround sound system
One of the main differences between a living room and a home cinema is the sound quality. To decide which option will work best, homeowners need to consider the room they plan on converting into a cinema. A soundbar requires three walls to create that immersive sound experience and will not create the same effect in an open plan room. Wall-mounted speakers will work much better for open-plan rooms. The placement of the sub-woofer is also important. The sound reverberates better off a solid brick wall than if it were directed into an open space.

2) The screen makes the theatre
While projectors give the room that cinematic look and feel, the image quality usually cannot compare to high-definition televisions. The deep contrast of Plasma televisions creates the best image quality in dark rooms, and the brightness of LED LCD screens is best suited for day-time series binging.

3) Comfort comes first
A movie marathon simply cannot exist without comfortable seating. In this room, comfort should take priority over style. And, unless you like the feeling of icy leather brushing against your elbows during winter, you might want to avoid leather sofas. For self-explanatory reasons, recliners are the first-place trophies of home cinemas – especially those with built-in cup holders.

4) Dim the lighting
Recreating that dark atmosphere of the cinema is one of those final touches one needs to make in creating an ultimate home theatre. This can be tricky to achieve if you have chosen an open-plan space for your theatre, but block-out blinds can go a long way in helping you recreate that moody atmosphere. Installing dimmers on your light switches can also be a good choice for these rooms.

5) Create a snack station
To complete the sensory experience of the cinema, add a popcorn machine to your home theatre. As a top-tip, install a bar-fridge in the room so that you don’t need to walk too far for refreshments mid-way through a movie.
“Homeowners are advised that not all renovations will provide a financial return on investment. Sometimes, the renovations simply add to the enjoyment of the home, which is priceless. Those who are unsure of whether to undertake an at-home theatre project can always get some free advice from their local RE/MAX agent,” Goslett concludes.

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