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09 September 2019 | Business

These days the world is your oyster if you’re looking for something weird and wonderful, or something specific. If you’re unsure about getting hold of said item, worry no more because if Highway Importers doesn’t have what you’re looking for, rest assured – they will try to find it and deliver it to your doorstep.
Just a quick glance at their website and Facebook page, and you’ll be impressed.
According to Izaan Coetzee, the inspiration for starting Highway Importers came from her then boyfriend and now husband, Riaan.
“At first we sourced all kinds of items locally but then he encouraged us to start sourcing products from overseas. At first we lost a little money through unscrupulous sellers, but over time I found a reliable supplier who finds just about any and everything for us, and since then things are going very well,” she says.
Except for their supplier in China, Highway Importers also often buy items via Amazon, amongst others.
In time she found all kinds of things – including things cute and weird – she was looking for and so the business grew. “And things sell fast,” she says. At Highway Importers shoppers have the option of buying non-everyday products and more online, or visit the small walk-in shop at the warehouse in Gold Street.
“However, the bulk of our items are sold online. Basically you order what you want, pay and we can courier it to you or you can fetch it yourself.”
Izaan says they established the business in 2014 and it continues to grow. “We started off with a small shop at my father’s business (also in Prosperita) and then began taking up more and more of his floor space. When our neighbour decided to retire, we took over his warehouse.”
One of the weirder things Highway Importers sells, is a shock game. “It’s a game for four people. It has a light that flashes red or green and is passed from person to person. When it turns green, the person in whose hands it is, gets a shock.”
When she and her friends play, she says they stick to level one, but she’s seen videos of people pushing it up to level four who, when shocked, literally fall to the ground.
“Last week we sold out of the world’s hottest gummy bear, which is hotter than a bunch of jalapenos. Another quick seller was Idiot Hot Sauce. Like spin the bottle, only when it lands on you, you have to drink it!”
One of their most popular sellers is Egyptian Magic, a natural all-purpose skin cream made from olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis. “For the third year Egyptian Magic won an award as the world’s best multi-purpose cream. Their baby cream also won an award this year,” Izaan says. “You can literally use it on any part of your body, even for your hair.”
Two other popular items are anti-smoking magnets which sold out again last week, and Dermacol make-up cover from the Czech Republic that provides full coverage, even covering tattoos.
To keep up with demand, Izaan says they place international orders at least every second month. “There really isn’t much that sits on our shelves too long and as things sell out, we try to get hold of it again as soon as possible.”
And every time she thinks her order is going to be smaller this time, she sees other interesting items and before she knows it, there are dozens of new products on their way to Namibia.
No wonder then that this small family business – run by Izaan, her sister Arista, mom Janetta and graphic designer Lily – continues to expand, delivering all kinds of items to your door.
To experience their product range first hand, go to or visit 22C Gold Street, Prosperita.

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