Goodbye, for now

27 August 2018 | Columns

The last nearly two and a half years have been a season of growth for me. Now it is time to let go and to take on new challenges.

To have a new beginning, you need to be ready to end a few things and move on. I have been part of the Windhoek Express team for a long time. I was there when the newspaper first started; I was there when it became a weekly; and I was there when it shifted to Sundays.

Now it is time to leave it behind and take on a new challenge.

In the last four years at Republikein and Windhoek Express, I made many new friends. I picked up lots of new skills and I met people in my community that inspired me. It has been awesome and it will always be part of me. Best of all is that I can take the memories wherever I go.

I think the past few years prepared me for the future and I have been helped by so many of my colleagues to get ready. I cannot mention them all by name, because I may leave out some, but I am grateful for all the people I have met at NMH.

I cannot imagine working with more amazing people with so much support from everyone around me. We had our bad days and our great days, but both kinds are memorable. Each day had different challenges, but at the end of the day it all shapes us to be better people, better journalists and better storytellers.

Goodbyes are not always easy, but sometimes they are necessary. I do not know if I am fully ready, but I am excited for what is next in my life. I just have to stick to my dreams and remember that moving on is something I have to do.

In my new journey I will take on things I only ever dreamt about and that is what makes it exciting. I want to spread my wings, take in new cultures and discover things I did not know before. Right now it is all about living life to the fullest and making memories that will last beyond the afterlife.

I am not going too far away from the media industry and hopefully I will still pop up in the Windhoek Express from time to time. I will also continue supporting my now former colleagues in their venture to make Windhoek Express one of the leading weekly newspapers in Namibia.

So, this might be goodbye, but it is only for now. I look forward to taking on a different industry and also new challenges. And I'm only an email away. Please feel free to contact me on [email protected]

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