‘I hear you talk to fish’

10 February 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Monique de Scande

Arthur Curry was born from the union of a fisherman and a beautiful woman that came from the sea, who just so happens to be the queen of a lost underwater civilisation… Atlantis!

Aquaman tells the story of a reluctant hero, torn between two worlds. As the son of the queen of Atlantis, Arthur is called on to embrace the other side of his life that he is not at all familiar with in order to claim his rightful place on the throne as the king of Atlantis. Standing in his way is Arthur’s half-brother, Orm, who has his own plans for the throne and is obsessed with conquering the surface world; and Black Manta, a ruthless mercenary who’ll stop at nothing to settle a personal score with Arthur.

The movie takes us on a journey filled with beautiful visuals, excellent acting, great story telling and water… lots and lots of water.

As a comic book fan, I was delighted to see a lesser-known character like Aquaman brought to the big screen. Apart from being in the shadows of Batman and Superman, Aquaman isn’t really known for much other than being a man who talks to some fish. Although the character’s portrayal by Jason Momoa was introduced in the Justice League movie, Aquaman develops and breathes new life into the character, which makes him relevant to newer/modern audiences and honestly, gives us the best looking Aquaman we’ll see in a long time (objectively speaking :P).

Justice has even been done to the villains who stand in the way of our heroes, both in their portrayal by the respective actors and in their costume design, which looks like it was pulled straight from the comic book pages. That’s always a win in my book! Even the costume Momoa wears later in the movie has just enough of a classic Aquaman look to make it instantly recognisable.

Aquaman is absolutely packed with likeable characters, which makes for charming interactions and more than a few giggles along the way. The movie is a visual spectacle, with some of the most impressive CGI I’ve seen in a long time. This makes the world feel alive and believable, and not to mention GORGEOUS!

Like any movie, there are a few plot holes and some incomplete story arches. The previously mentioned exciting action is broken up by many scenes of Atlantean politics, which, frankly is probably not why you want to go see this movie. Some of the action also ends a little prematurely and could’ve benefitted from going on just a little longer in order to flesh out some scenes.

Aquaman sometimes feels like it’s trying to do too much in its 2h22 min run time, which unfortunately makes it feel like something is lacking. It also suffers from a case of the “modern movie curse” where you feel like you’ve seen it before, as it doesn’t really do much in the way of storytelling or innovation. It plays it safe, which is not a bad thing, but it certainly isn’t going to blow you out of the water.

Despite a few shortcomings, Aquaman is an entertaining movie with great set pieces, a talented cast, and very impressive visuals. It is a fun action-adventure movie that is very enjoyable to watch for anyone, regardless of your knowledge of comic books or the characters themselves. I rate Aquaman a solid 3.5/5… now, where’d I put my swimming trunks…

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