Lead by example

02 August 2021 | Opinion

Windhoek • Ester Kali

During these trying times, it is important to approach every situation with as much grace, kindness, faith and empathy as possible.
Today, effective communication has become the strongest catalyst in business activity. The importance to regularly check in with all employees and disclose monthly/quarterly accomplishments together are critical. This gives employees a sense of where an organisation is headed while creating a sense of uniformity and routine during these times when everything else seems unnatural.
It is crucial for a leader to demonstrate a positive attitude. When the team leader has doubts about the future of the business, it dwells in the staff. As a business leader, you have to lead by example and inspire a can-do work ethos through words and actions.
A recent example of setting the example was done through my Covid-19 vaccination. I believe that vaccines are safe and highly effective at preventing severe complications. As a leader it is important to encourage staff to do their part, adhere to health regulations and get vaccinated, to protect themselves and loved ones. It is equally important to also respect employees’ decisions and to constantly prioritize the safety in each working environment.
New upgrades in the dynamic of Human Resource (HR) systems and processes have remodeled the nature and scope of people management. Regardless, the effective management of the workforce remains the principal aim. As a leader it is important to place most emphasis on HR department and introduce practices to navigate the evolving work ecosystem that provides an easier work environment and enables staff to be most productive.
The current pandemic has changed the way we work, and more companies are turning to at-home solutions. The idea of letting employees work from home has been the fear of plenty of companies because of fears they will be less productive.
According to Laurel Farrer many of these myths have been confirmed by managers but by working with a virtual operations consultant, you can evaluate which roles in your organisation are most remote-compatible. She further admits to finding the delicate balance of equality in a hybrid team that can be challenging, but to be sure to keep the transition process as collaborative and transparent as possible to allow everyone’s voice to be heard.
One method to spearhead your team has always been organisational skills. Here, the key is to stay organised. One has to adopt a new organizing system or start using a day planner to make sure they are never off schedule. It is recommended to create a daily/weekly work schedule and list the tasks that need to be completed. Staying committed to the schedule will automatically breed consistency and a routine.
We often face external struggles when the heart is restless and lose track of our direction and purpose. Through these times, it is important to reaffirm the heart as a leader to your team and stand on commitment and faith.
Everything derives from faith, and this is expressed through work. The commitment that one shows in prayer, belief in the Holy Spirit and practicing doctrines such as “Leave your next to God, He knows our next” enhances faith. Truly without work, faith is dead.
Faith is a pure gift from God, and it pleases Him, and when you do things that please the Lord, He always rewards His humble servants. Many people today do not know how to express faith especially in work environments, but there is power in our mouths, speaking what we believe releases the faith from our hearts. I encourage all leaders today to be that example and show faith above all above factors to ensure that you and your team navigate these turbulent times.
*Ester Kali is the chief executive of Letshego Namibia.

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