Lockdown-friendly date night ideas

09 February 2021 | Events

Although restrictions have eased, the threat of Covid remains, making it a wise choice to avoid crowded places.
For those who are choosing to avoid the crowds and stay in for date night this coming Valentine’s Day, RE/MAX of Southern Africa shares a few date night ideas that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home!

1) Movie night in blanket forts
Tired of the same four walls? Building a fort is the perfect opportunity to set up new scenery and escape from the chaos of the world for just a few moments. For maximum comfort, fill the fort with plenty of pillows and add some fairy lights to create a comfy and romantic setting in which to watch your favourite films.

2) Turn your guestroom into a lockdown hotel
Couples can transform the guestroom into a make-shift hotel room by adding some fancy folded towels and pillow chocolates. Add a coffee station or mini bar to make it feel more authentic. For those who were hoping to travel, decorate the room to match the dream destination – travel to Paris by sticking a picture of the Eifel Tower over the window or imagine being on the beach by playing crashing wave sounds as ambient background music. It may not be much, but even just this small change of scenery may be enough to keep the cabin fever at bay.

3) Write a letter to your future selves
Creative and introspective couples can take the opportunity to write a letter to their future selves to read at next years’ Valentines’ date night. Couples can write about their experience living through a global pandemic, what it taught them and what they hope the next year will bring. Couples can also write a second letter to each other to let their partner know how grateful they are to have lived through a pandemic with their partner at their side.

4) Transform your dining room into a tasting room
Instead of going to a wine farm or distillery, couples can create their own at-home tasting experience. Choose whichever pairing your partner would prefer and curate the whole experience for them, just like the real deal. For couples who prefer decadence, give a coffee and chocolate pairing a try. For an interesting spin on things, couples can non-alcoholic pairing options, like non-alcoholic beer and biltong pairing or a non-alcoholic sparkling wine and nougat pairing.
Has lockdown changed your real estate needs?

“Lockdown has changed many work and living situations, which could be making things more challenging for couples to get along,” says RE/MAX’s Adrian Goslett. “It can be difficult to work up a spark in a space that feels cramped and just insights arguments. Those wishing they had more space could consult with a real estate professional who can help them find a home within their budget that is better suited to their new lifestyle.”

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