Making Windhoek a better place

08 February 2018 | Local News

Barry de Klerk

The City Police are preparing new ways to reduce speeding and accidents caused by negligent drivers.

According to the head of the force, Abraham Kanime, they have various plans that will be put into action this year to ensure Windhoek’s roads become safer.

One of the first changes is the installation of permanent speed cameras on major roads in the city.

The cameras will be installed later this year as some planning and logistical issues have to be sorted out first.

Kanime said the process of acquiring new cameras may take some time since they first need to advertise for tenderers, evaluate the tenders, purchase the equipment and finally train officers to use it. However, he hopes they can have everything in order by April, just before people go on a mid-term break.

According to Kanime, the old cameras are currently not in use due to technical issues, but the City Police are busy working on this issue.

“At the moment there is no way to enforce speeding laws. However, we urge drivers to adhere to the laws and to drive safely,” he said.

Kanime said the new cameras will have multiple uses, as they track how fast a car travels between two points and then establish an average speed. They can also spot if a driver is using their cellphone while driving, if they have their seatbelt on, and if a driver skips a red light.

Apart from the new cameras and the old ones being put back into use, the City Police will also install more CCTV cameras. These can track criminals and record traffic violations.

The CCTV programme has been very effective since it was implemented and has helped the police track down criminals and prevent crimes.

“We are still learning and doing research and at the same time educating people to help combat crime in Windhoek. We currently have access to seven radio stations that help us track and prevent crime,” Kanime said.

He said they have meetings on a weekly basis to see where they can improve. “At the end of every week we have briefings so that everyone can know what happened and what will happen next. On Tuesdays we look at road safety and on Thursdays we do integrated planning to see what we can change.”

The City Police needs community input to help them carry out operations and assignments. In this regard, residents are urged to obey all laws and bylaws and to be cooperative when they come across a City Police officer.

“This is our bread and butter. We need to make Windhoek a better place for everyone,” Kanime said.

To report a crime, contact the City Police call centre on 061 290 2239 or the toll free number 061 302 302. Alternatively send an SMS to 4444.

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