New development planned south of Windhoek

Negative effect on bio-physical environment

16 November 2020 | Infrastructure

Windhoek • [email protected]
A public meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday (19 November) for a new proposed
development at Garm Gross Haigamas no. 447.
Developers Birdsong Properties are planning on developing a service station, a rural residential and
nature estate, business erven and street portions on the remainder of portion 1 of said farm, which
is located ±30 km south of Windhoek on the B1 directly northeast of Omeya.
It is close to 78.8ha in size.
According to the Background Information Document (BID), Portion 1 is zoned as “rural residential”
as per the stipulations of the Aris Town Planning Scheme with an approved consent for a Nature
Estate. The portion is bordered on the western and northern sides by the B1 road and on the eastern
side by the Remainder of Gocheganas No. 26, while the Remainder of Portion 2 of the Farm Gross
Haigamas No. 447 and Farm Kransneus No. 219, are located on the southern boundary of the
The area south of the access road onto Re/Portion 1 accommodates the Out of Nature Estate
development, while the area immediately south of the Remainder of Portion 1 (on which this
development is proposed) is the Out of Nature Lodge.
“The remainder of Portion 1 is currently vacant and unutilized,” the document read. “The portion
accommodates various wildlife and bird species and is entirely enclosed with an electrified wildlife
fence. Other than the existing borehole, no service infrastructure exists on the site and all has to be
provided by the developer.”

Use of vacant land – at a price
This project will not only create employment during construction and operations but will also bring
services and goods closer to nearby residential and agriculture communities. This project also more
effectively use the vacant land.
However, according to the BID, the impact of the proposed activity on the bio-physical environment
is mainly negative although it can be mitigated to limit the negative impacts.
“The effect on natural and general ambiance of the area and surroundings is negative, while the
animals and birds habituating on the site will be disturbed. Vegetation will also be cleared for the
construction of municipal/bulk services and top structures.”
Furthermore: “A lot of water will be used during construction and operations, as well as the
generation of dust during construction and operations.”
There remains a concern if the area can be restored or rehabilitated to an acceptable status once the
bulk services have been constructed. These impacts and others which will be identified during the
environmental scoping procedures and the engagement of the interested and affected parties, will
be evaluated in order to determine the significance of impact and if and how these impacts can be

New road
Willem Schutz Town and Regional Planning Consultant (WSTRPC) was appointed as the town planner
on the project.
According to WSTRPC, the portion was originally intended to be subdivided in several low-density
residential plots and preliminary development approval was granted by the City of Windhoek in
It should however be noted that the re-alignment of the B1 trunk road onto the remainder of
Portion 1 has a major impact on the original subdivision plan and required that the subdivision and
land use plan had to be amended.

According to the Roads Authority (RA), the realignment of the road and proposed new intersection is
in the process of being proclaimed. Proclamation is expected within the next 4 to 6 months. The RA
could not provide a timeline for the proposed construction of the new road and intersection. The
residential developments of Out of Nature, Omeya, Auas View and others will in future, once the
intersection and the new road is constructed, access the trunk road from this intersection.

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