Oanob levels rise slightly

07 February 2020 | Environment

Erwin Leuschner

Thanks to particularly good rainfall in the interior, the level of the Oanob dam near Rehoboth rose by around 11% between Wednesday andThursday this week (from 36.8% to 47.7%), NamWater announced yesterday.
Readers also reported that several rivers carried water: Among others, the Fish River flowed upstream from the Hardap dam, so to the Swakop River near Otjimbingwe. However, there had been no inflow into the Hardap dam.
According to the weather network SASSCAL, particularly good rainfall in the north of the country was recorded on Wednesday. The highest rain report comes from Okangwati station: 21.5 mm.
Further showers were reported are as follows:
• Tsumkwe Breeding Station: 21 mm;
• Okomumbonde: 8.8 mm;
• Tsumis: 7 mm;
• Sachinga: 5.5 mm;
• Kaoko Otavi: 4 mm;
• Mopanie Post 6: 3.5 mm;
• Okamboro: 3.5 mm;
• Gellap Ost: 2.5 mm; and
• Dudukabbe: 1.5 mm.
According to the weather agency, the outlook for further precipitation remains positive at the weekend, at least in the north of Namibia. There will be isolated thunderstorms. In the interior it is said to be partly cloudy and warm, with occasional precipitation can be expected until Saturday.

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