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Change your bedroom décor to help you sleep

25 August 2020 | Life Style

The countless sleep monitoring and wind down apps currently available paint a worrying picture of the health of our sleeping habits. With our high-powered lifestyles, many of us are battling to switch off at night. Yet, with a few simple changes to our bedroom environment and routines, a good night’s rest can be achieved by any struggling insomniac.
Recognising the high levels of energy and resilience required to navigate through these trying times, RE/MAX of Southern Africa organised for renowned behavioural strategist, Joni Peddi, to feature on the brand’s Time Out with RE/MAX YouTube series.
“In this episode, Joni Peddi shared some interesting points around how to maintain energy and resilience,” shares Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. “She shared that if you sleep less than six hours a night, you are four times as likely to catch the common cold. To help those who struggle to sleep, she recommended a few things including creating a bedtime routine and having a one-hour digital detox before bed. You can still watch the full video for free on the RE/MAX of Southern Africa YouTube page to hear the rest of her advice.”
For homeowners who would like to improve their sleep quality, there are also several things they can do to encourage more restful sleep. To start, they can remove any electronics from their bedroom to eliminate the temptation to binge watch series or scroll through social media in bed. Custom built-in storage solutions can be installed to hide light-emitting electronics that need to be charged overnight, such as cell phones. Not only can this improve sleep but it can also increase the resale value of the home.
“Well-designed storage space is always a huge value-adding feature in any property,” says Goslett.
The colour of the bedroom will also have a profound effect on sleep quality. Travelodge surveyed 2 000 British homes and discovered that those with blue bedrooms averaged 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep each night. The survey also revealed that certain shades of yellow and green were also popular choices among Britain’s most rested citizens.
“For those hoping to sell, it is better to stick to neutral shades on the wall for the broadest possible appeal. If sellers do decide to use colour on the walls, it is advisable to use lighter shades that can be easily painted over by the buyer,” Goslett recommends.
Lastly, homeowners can introduce block out curtains or blinds and invest in high-quality bedding to help lull them into a deeper slumber. Of course, even with these additions, certain sleep-deterring factors cannot be changed, such as living next to a busy highway or having a streetlight shining directly into the main bedroom. In these scenarios, it might be better to reach out to a local RE/MAX real estate agent and start searching for a new home with bedrooms that are more conducive to peaceful sleep.

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