Pest control against termites in Prosperita

03 September 2019 | Business

Inesfly has carried out several applications against termites in the Prosperita area.
The area seems naturally prone to termites and the problem is exacerbated when inadequate insect treatment of the foundations is done prior to the construction of buildings. Thereafter, insects exploit cracks and joints as buildings age and find it easy to enter buildings and feast on the tasty things that humans bring.
In the past, insect treatment post-constriction required tedious and expensive drilling. However, now Inesfly provides lasting protection with minimal interference due to the micro-encapsulating technology that slowly releases active ingredients over time. The product contains a mixture of several active ingredients as well as an irritant to which the termites and other insects are sensitive to.
In this manner insects that come into contact with the treated area are eradicated and also repels insects to find "greener" pastures elsewhere.
This often results in termites moving from one building to another, so it may be good to talk to your neighbours prior to doing a treatment.

Under threat
Areas under threat are essentially any premises that contains wood – so basically all premises! Termites will eat their way through concrete to get to your kitchen cupboards and over a long enough period, its bound to happen especially if the termites were there before you were.
Some termite favourites include any joinery, wood pallets, thatch roofing, plants – living or dead – and untreated timber. Also, be careful when buying fire wood for the office or home – you may inadvertently be importing termites into your premises directly from the farm as fire wood is often collected, stored and processed already infested with termites. Best is to buy fumigated wood. Use firewood quickly and store in smaller quantities to reduce the risk of termites becoming permanent residents.

Use this!
• Pre- and post-construction treatment can be done with Inesfly EM House Multipurpose Coating with a back pack sprayer. Apply directly to foundations, brickwork, wood, thatch, insect nests and other problem areas as a spot treatment.
• Inesfly SP Coating, a clear finish treatment that maintains the original qualities of the treated surface such as wood and natural stone. Apply with air sprayer, roller or brush.
• Inesfly interior and exterior paints offer the longest lasting insect protection of buildings and roof trusses. Use as a normal paint or primer.
• Additionally, Inesfly offers a range of products to protect, homes, plants, animals and people.
Learn more about Inesfly Technology at
As a matter of interest, domestic and professional products like Inesfly 2in1 Floor Cleaner, Bed Bug Solution and Inesfly EM House are available from the online store and off the shelf at leading retailers.
Inesfly Namibia also does applications and treatments so you don’t have to.
Call the team at 081 275 2257 or 061 238059– they can’t wait to hear about your problems!

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