Stop bullying!

07 December 2017 | Education

The Maltas Club Namibia recently ran a campaign and competition to stop bullying in schools.

The competition was held at Bethold Humumuine Primary School and learners had to perform a self-written poem or song or a self-choreographed dance to promote anti-bullying in school. The primary purpose of the competition was to counter violent global extremism, and it formed part of the #RAVE campaign by Maltas Club Namibia.

The learners dedicated themselves to each project, but there could only be one winner, and it was Mbazuvirua Metirapi who won over the judges. Hot on his heals was James Mundora in second place and Brandy Kavari in third position.

Namibian singer and actor Dice served as the principal judge. He said the competition topic was relatable and that he enjoyed how the learners interpreted the anti-bullying message.

“They were creative and entertaining. I believe the message was well received by everyone. It was hard to choose a winner, but at the end of the day the messages was the most important thing,” Dice said.

The artist said that bullying is a reality that we all have to face.

“We need to understand what it is. Some of the young kids don't know what bullying is but through this campaign we can reach out to everyone,” he said, adding that it is good to speak about bullying while the children are young so that they can better comprehend it as they grow older.

“Sometimes the bully does not even know they are bullying someone and this campaign may open their eyes,” he said.

Dr Wilfred April of the Maltas Club Namibia, said they will work with these children for the next year and that the campaign will continue at the school in the future.

A learner from Windhoek Gymnasium will be brought on board to further train the children and to take the anti-bullying campaign to the next level.

Poetry, singing and dancing were chosen as way to convey the message, since it gives learners the opportunity to explore their artistic side and express themselves. The judges had set criteria to look out for during the performances, which included physical presence, body language, voice, understanding of the topic, accuracy and overall performance.

The rest of judging panel consisted of former learner and actor Josephat Tjiho, Maltas Board Secretary Ashlyn de Koe, and Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies administrator Sylvia Kapena.

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