Where a house becomes a home

Dolerite Ridge aims to keep up with the demand for good quality houses with spacious erven.

28 October 2019 | Infrastructure

Yolanda Nel With the housing situation in the affordable income bracket still under stress, this developer is trying to address the issue.

“There are not enough houses being provided by government and through government-sponsored agencies at the right price, right quality and especially the right speed to meet the demand of those in need,” says Shahil Morar, developer of Dolerite Ridge in Okahandja.

“Developments like these capital investments are aimed at first-time home owners to participate in gainful programs that create asset growth and wealth creation,” he said.

According to Morar they are developing houses that are more affordable and anyone earning between N$15 000 and N$30 000 a month can afford this capital investment. He said that most of his clients are Okahandja residents who work in Windhoek. “The new road makes the commute far easier and safer than in the past. Okahandja is a cheaper place to live than Windhoek. It also takes the same time to get to work from Okahandja than large Windhoek suburbs due to less congestion, better roads, and therefore a faster flow of traffic,” he said.

Dolerite Ridge offers buyers five different house types. “Each house is designed so that the client can build additional rooms and spaces as their income grows, giving them capital growth opportunities,” Morar said.

The team has already commenced on the construction of services and roads.

Dolerite Ridge sets a new, higher standard than what this market has been presented with by government housing schemes. “This includes proper roads, lighting and state of the art services,” Morar said.

If a buyer decides to only buy a plot with no plan, any structure can be built, “as long as it conforms to local regulations and the approved town planning scheme”.

Whether you are looking for a house to make your own or buying as an investment, Dolerite Ridge is the place to invest.

Visit www.okahandja.com.na for more information.

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