Will bad service ever end?

Mariana Balt
Unfortunate writes:

I have seen people complaining about bad service so often on this page, that I actually feel bad about doing it again.

But why is it that Namibians, who have the good reputation of being friendly and hospitable to visitors and tourists, apparently don’t give a damn when it comes to service to fellow countrymen?

One of the best ways to explore and enjoy our country is through camping. And believe me, there are campsites galore in this country. It seems if every farmer at some stages decided to generate extra money by establishing a campsite on his farm. Which was a wonderful idea, because many people love to camp far away from the towns and not necessarily at national points of interest.

But did those farmers, or as they now advertise themselves, lodge owners, ever think of the long term responsibilities going along with making money from tourists and countrymen who would make use of their camping facilities? Apparently not, because it seems as if the word maintenance does not exist in the vocabulary of some of them.

Of course there are those places where it will always be a pleasure to camp. Where you feel like a valued guest and the owners can't do enough to make sure that you are comfortable. But then you get those where the only service you receive from them, is the issuing of their invoice or receipt when you pay – and not necessarily a small amount too.

It is only afterwards that you realise that nobody will come and service the amenities. No removing of last night’s ashes from the barbecue, no cleaning of the toilets and just to make sure that you will never go back, the taps turn dry on the second day.

Needless to say that complaining about it didn’t produce any reaction from the owners whatsoever.